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Audio CD "Cappuccino für die Seele"

Cappuccino für die Seele

The artist writes in his booklet:

New strength flows out of a place of rest. This project was the fulfillment of a long-awaited dream of mine. (I love film music.) Because of Karsten and Miriam`s efforts, this dream became a reality. Thank you so much. I received these songs during my personal times with my Daddy God. It is my desire for you to experinece a touch of heaven while listening to them. May you truly feel how loved and accepted you are by Him.


  • Audio CD pressing
  • 4 colours label print (Offset print) + white underlay
  • CD booklet 4 pages 4/4 colours (offset print)
  • CD inlaycard 4/4 colours (offset print)
  • CD jewelcase with clear tray
  • cellophane

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