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DVD pressing / DVD production

DVD pressing is a matter of trust.

DVD pressing / DVD production

We exclusively and only work with European DVD pressing factories and printing houses. When we process your order, you can be sure that your DVDs are manufactured in the most modern and consequently serviced DVD presses.

The paper printing materials are printed in offset printing processes as per our guidelines in printing houses and the packaging you selected is only delivered by suppliers that have proven over the years that they produce a constant quality. All suppliers are selected as per a strict rating and are constantly evaluated, the work processes are standardised and are precisely documented.

DVD pressing requires consulting

We promise that we will process your DVD pressing reliably, with diligence and deliver it on time. You will have a personal contact person who will precisely inform you about the current status of your DVD production, who will answer your questions and who will gladly stand at your side and consult you in all formalities. 

We would like to have your feedback on our DVD manufacturing

Admitted: there are many websites in the internet on DVD pressing and many DVD pressing factories advertise with their internet presence for DVD manufacturing. You however only see the quality of your pressed DVD once you have received the finished product. We too promise “Favourable DVD pressing and in best quality” – but to give you even more certainty we regularly ask our customers how satisfied they were with us, with our service and our DVD manufacturing. You can find pictures from our productions and the feedbacks from our customers under “References” on our website.

Don’t just believe what we say, but make up your mind about our DVD pressing.

And when can we exhibit your pressed DVD in our photo gallery?