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Duplication of CDs and DVDs

There are various possibilities for duplicating CDs and DVDs:

1. CD / DVD pressing

With CD / DVD pressing, a glass master is created from your master, in which the CDs i.e. DVDs are duplicated via injection moulding. After pressing, the CDs and DVDs are either printed on via silkscreen print or offset print.

2. CD / DVD copy

With CD / DVD copying your data is burnt onto a brand name disc and thereafter the disc (CD-R or DVD-R) is printed on via an inkjet process. The surface of the CD i.e. DVD can be sealed with a varnish.

Duplication of CDs and DVDs by pressing or copyingCD / DVD pressing:

If you purchase an audio CD or a DVD in a store, then the CD or DVD was pressed i.e. from 500 pieces the duplication of a CD / DVD is done via CD / DVD pressing. For CD / DVD pressing you simply send us your master via post from which a glass master will be created from our glass master studio through the use of chemical processes. This glass master is the prequel of the stamper, which has minimal height and depth differences on its surface, which represent the information. With CD / DVD pressing the height differences are transferred into liquid polycarbonate – therefore the name CD / DVD pressing – your data is now completely on this still transparent “plastic disc”. In the next step of CD / DVD duplication a thin silver layer and a protection layer is applied. In the final step, after testing, your desired motif is printed on the top surface – your CD, i.e. DVD is now completed.

CD / DVD Copying:

CD / DVD copying is ideal for smaller series below 500 pieces as well as for very urgent orders. In contrast to pressing (in which the CD / DVD is created through pressing) we use brand name discs (CD-R, i.e. DVD-R) to copy CDs / DVDs, which are written on, checked and printed completely automatically with our professional copy robots in one process. We only make use of brand name discs with a white surface on which your motif is printed on via inkjet; the print can be in black and white or in colour. After printing, the surface can be sealed with a special varnish; The colours appear more vibrant and the surface receives a noble shine, over and above that, the label is also waterproof.