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CD and DVD copy

Small quantities – top quality

We recommend CD copying, i.e. DVD copying always then when a small quantity, below 300 pieces, is required or when the CD, i.e. DVD production must be done very quickly. With smaller quantities the once-off costs for CD pressing or DVD pressing is too high, so that a CD/DVD copy is cheaper.

CD copy and DVD copy- if it`s got to be quick!If it’s got to be quick

Sometimes our customers also have larger quantities copied, as we can also offer a 24-hour production of CD/DVD copying. Our professional CD/DVD copy robots work around the clock, the print is printed directly onto the blank disc via an inkjet printing process and with the optional paintwork sealing, the label-print comes very close to a silkscreen print. Of course we only use high quality brand name discs, through which we guarantee to almost 100%, that your CD/DVD copies are playable in every player.

Neutrally packed on request

Naturally we can also deliver the product in a neutral packaging with your delivery note directly to your customer; shipping is done through DHL or TNT. So if an extremely tight schedule is coming up, contact us.

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