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We are proud of our products and services because we offer excellent quality at top prices. Yet we never lose sight of the most important factor– you, our customer.

The perfect audio CD for musicians

We know that you give everything: Song writing, days spent in the rehearsal room, song selection and finally the long nights in the studio. After all that stress, the sweat and heart`s blood you finally hold your master CD in your hands – and are rightfully proud of it!

Now of course you need a CD pressing manufacturer that will make copies with the same commitment and engagement: CD pressing for us is never an annoying task but time and time again a new challenge, which we gladly take on ourselves: We want to create the perfect CD for you that you can proudly present and also sell well!

The data – CD-ROM for your business

Ever more businesses from family businesses to worldwide active enterprises present their products on a CD. The advantage of a CD in comparison to printed catalogues is clear:

  • CDs are far cheaper to purchase than catalogues
  • Shipping CDs is simpler and cheaper
  • Your customer can store your CD much easier than bulky catalogues
  • Your customer expects modern marketing materials from an innovative company

Our CD-ROMs are guaranteed to be the most optimal sign for every modern business – our CDs are diligently printed in a photo-realistic offset print and work in all drives.

The Video-DVD for movie studios

We know how much time you have invested into your project! In the beginning there was your ingenious idea, which gradually matured, then the script was made, corrected and continually edited – and the movie project also had to be financed. The search for the right location and the casting of the actors cost a lot of strain and nerve; the camera crew did a good job, the cut was polished up.

But suddenly time is tight: It’s only a few days until the DVD release!

We make it possible: With our DVD Express Production we will save your tight time schedule. Save your nerves for the first screening – we will handle the entire handling of your DVD pressing: Printing the DVD inlays, packaging and shipping, everything out of one hand – fast, professional and on time! We make your DVDs to a success!

Audio CDs for publishing houses and advertising agencies, video DVDs for TV broadcasters, data CD-ROMS for government agencies and public contractors!

We are proud of our customers!

We have over 2.000 customers and the most of them not only order once but regularly. In our surveys, our customers confirm time and time again that we are on the right track with our idea: Best quality at a low price!

  • Best quality at a low price!
  • CD and DVD pressing with transparent prices
  • No hidden additional costs
  • We are uncompromisingly customer friendly!

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