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Order procedure for CD / DVD pressing

1. Inform yourself on

Order procedure for CD / DVD pressing

We give you the possibility of informing yourself on the desired product (CD / DVD pressing, CD / DVD copying, printed CD-R i.e. DVD-R) and the features (CD Jewelbox, DVD Box, paper printing materials, cellophane…).

In addition you will also find many useful links on our website, i.e. we have published pictures of CD / DVD productions under “References/Projects of our customers”

2. Calculate the price for your product

You can get information on our website about prices for your CD / DVD production: Available to you is our CD / DVD price- configurator (coming soon) and our CD / DVD price list.

3. Ordering

You can place your order either via our CD / DVD price-configurator (coming soon) or via e-mail. We will require the following information from you when ordering via e-mail:

  • Invoice and delivery address
  • Your telephone number (landline and mobile number)
  • The product (CD or DVD pressing, printed CD-R or DVD-R)
  • Title of your CD / DVD pressing
  • Quantity and features

4. Submitting printing data

Please download our printing specifications here, your graphic designer must create the printing data (i.e. CD / DVD label, DVD insert, CD booklet and CD inlay card) as per those specifications. Please send us the print data

  • either on a CD via post
  • via e-mail (maximum 10 MB to
  • or you can upload the printing data to our server – we will gladly send to you the access details via e-mail.


Please always quote the name of the CD / DVD pressing, so that we can allocate the printing data to your production.

5. Pre-master transfer

Please send us the pre-master as follows:

  • Pre-master transfer for CD pressing: CD-R via post
  • Pre-master transfer for DVD-5 pressing: DVD-R via post

DVD and CD recordable (CD-R and DVD-R) must be completed (no multi-session CD-R i.e. DVD-R) and may not have copy protection, a DVD-5 may not have more than 2219271 sectors.

Master delivery for pressing a DVD-9

Please either send us a DLT( digital linear tapes – recommended) or a data image (DDP image) on an external hard drive, USB stick or on a DVD disc (checksum and control.dat must be available) via post. You can also send us a DL DVD+R, with which attention should be paid that the change-over point is correctly programmed, the DL DVD+R must be completed (no multi-session DL DVD+R) and a DVD-9 may not contain more than 2024335 sectors.

Data transfer via FTP

You will receive the FTP access details from the consultant responsible for you.


With a data transfer via FTP we will not be held liable for potential errors during the data transfer.

Notice to recordable mediums

Please use only high-quality brand name discs and burn at a maximum speed of 8x to avoid possible errors during the glass-mastering. Please always send two identical discs (one pre-master and a back-up copy) so as to avoid a loss of time due to possible occurred damages during postage. The provided masters must not have any finger prints, scratches or dust, otherwise the quality can be dramatically affected or the mediums can become unreadable. The discs may be written on with special pens only and please select a safe packaging for postage.

With CD / DVD pressing a 1:1 digital copy of your provided pre-master will be made in our glass master studio and so the pressed CD i.e. DVD is also identical to your provided pre-master – we won’t make any changes to your master.

Production process with a CD/DVD pressing

1. You will receive an order confirmation

After receipt of your order, you will instantly receive our order confirmation via e-mail. In addition you will also receive two forms via e-mail in which you will need to confirm that you have noted and adhered to the relevant rights. Please sign and send the forms back to us via fax (or post).

2. We examine the printing data

We examine the printing data for printing suitability, which means that we check if the data is in the correct colour system (cmyk), if the resolution (300 dpi) is correct, if the measurements and the required trimmings have been adhered to.

  • Should your data not be suitable for printing then you will receive an e-mail from us with the error description and the request for a second transfer of the data for which we will unfortunately have to charge you the accrued costs of 15,00 EUR plus V.A.T.
  • If your data is suitable for printing we will forward it directly to our printing house, which will print the paper printing materials without delay.


The contents of the printing data (i.e. spelling or if the titles are listed in the correct sequence) is not checked by us. If you would like a preview PDF (free of charge) or a true colour proof (at a surcharge) you will have to notify us of this when placing your order or when providing your printing data.

3. The glass master is created

We send the pre-master to the glass master studio where a glass master and a stamper are created. Should your pre-master not be readable, which rarely is the case, then your pre-master backup copy is read in. If that should not work, i.e. you did not provide us with a backup copy, then we will send to you an e-mail with the request to provide us with a new pre-master. For every new pre-master delivery, we will have to bill you for the accrued costs for shipping and examining to the value of 20,00 EUR plus V.A.T.

4. Production begin

In general, the print of your CD / DVD cover and your CD / DVD pressing begins parallel to each other and on the second working day after receipt of all documentation, we will then inform you of the planned shipping date.

5. Quality control and shipping

Once the CD / DVD pressing has been completed, the finished pressed discs will be checked and finally the CDs, i.e. DVDs will be printed on. The label printing of a CD / DVD production is generally done via offset printing and only in rare cases, based on a customer’s wish, the printing takes place via the silkscreen print process. Once the completed pressed and printed CDs, i.e. DVDs have passed the final control they are passed on for packing. In the meantime, the printing house will have delivered the completed paper printing materials in our CD / DVD pressing factory, where they then undergo a strict final inspection through our quality control department before being passed on to our packing department. Here the CDs / DVDs as well as the printing materials are inserted into the desired packaging; This process is called packing. Most of the time the CD Jewelboxes and DVD boxes are cellophaned (heat-sealed) and packed into easy to handle cartons (mostly 25 pieces per carton).

The cartons are placed into a large carton or onto a pallet and then handed over to the courier service or freight forwarder.

Generally the delivery reaches the customer within one or two working days – you should ensure that someone is there to take receipt of the delivery as a second delivery attempt causes additional costs, which we will unfortunately have to bill you for.

6. Payment

All of our customers, under the condition that our invoices were paid on time at least twice, are ensured through commercial credit insurance. Due to this reason we are only permitted to deliver based on a cash delivery basis for the first two deliveries. From the third delivery we can deliver on account and the invoice has to be paid within 10 days without deduction.